Add Small Dosage of Herbal Supplements 

to Improve Your Lifestyle Naturally

To imbibe the value of ancient Ayurveda in today's busy & demanding society is the main motive of one of upcoming brands Grazing Meadows. We have come up with the daily supplements to be included in your diet so that we can live a happy lifestyle. In today’s busy world, most people are searching for herbal supplements that can be consumed on a regular basis and have no side effects. Keeping this need in mind, Grazing Meadows worked with its R&D team for years to produce a variety of herbal dietary supplements. Basically Graze word signifies that its a land full of grass but in other word Graze means having small bites instead of meals. Thus this name!!! Intake of small quotient of Daily Supplements to indulge into the goodness of ancient Ayurveda.


All the Herbal Dietary Supplements designed under the brand Grazing Meadows are time-tested and based on the Ayurvedic texts. These supplements are 100% natural, chemical free, and have so added preservatives, making it safe to consume. Thus can be consumed on a regular basis by every individual.

Grazing Meadows’ Variety of Herbal Supplements for Improved Living




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     1. Green Food Supplements


Green food supplements are the need of today’s busy world, owing to its high nutritional values and amazing benefits. Basic role of these dietary supplements in our daily life to fulfill the nutritional quotient because we have no time to include the healthy veggies and fruits on a regular basis. Keeping this thing in the mind, Green Food Supplements have been derived and they have become the talk of the town in very little time span.

Some of the Green Superfood we contain are Wheatgrass Powder & Tablets, Alfalfa Powder & Tablets, Barley Grass Powder & Tablets, and Spirulina Tablets. These supplements come in different quantities such as 120, 900, 500 tablet packs and even in 500 gm and 1 kg powder packs.

Benefits of Green Food Supplements

  • It may help in balancing the acid overload and thus helps in enhancing the overall energy and stamina.

  • It is versatile. You can add these powders in any smoothie or shakes you consume on a daily basis. You can also combine these tablets with your regular course. It will only give the added benefits.

  • They get absorbed in your system very easily to provide the maximum nutrients as they are highly bioavailable. You get a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which maximizes the health benefits while working on an immediate basis.

  • Rich source of antioxidants and carotenoids and thus helps in fighting the oxidative stress, which eventually helps in improving the overall health.

  • They are concentrated. When you compare these supplements with other veggies, the nutritional quotient is way higher.

     2. Single Herbal Supplement

Do you know that plant extract contains the most of its nutrients in a concentrated form. What if we add these extracts to a supplement? It will enhance its effectiveness right? This is what the Grazing Meadows has done to their single herbal supplements.


Here the concentrated extract of the herb has been added with its whole powder form to prepare tablets or capsules. The extract has been separated using various solvents such as water, oil or alcohol. This is the unique concept to improve the effectiveness of any herb or supplement. This has been discovered by our experienced R&D team. We have various single herbal supplements that are designed according to numerous health ailments such as heart care, weight management, sugar control, joint care, etc.  It comes in a pack of 120 and a value pack of 700 tablets or capsules.

Some of the example are as follows:

  • Arjuna Capsules

  • Garcinia Capsules

  • Guggul Tablets

  • Triphala Tablets

     3. Single Herbal Powder

In the old ancient era, all the vaidya and doctors used to trust the Ayurvedic herbs and its immense benefits. The Ayurvedic system always believes in maintaining a healthy system rather than running behind the particular disease.

Obviously there are a variety of herbs that work differently for different health conditions. But, the main motive is to balance the health system of your body and to improve the overall immune health.

In that golden era, these Ayurvedic herbs have been used mostly in the home remedies and had immense benefits as it clears any health problem from the within. Even in today’s world, Home remedies are on the peak and have been practiced all over the world. Any home remedy consists of a mixture of a variety of herbs. But, finding all these herbs in the market is quite hectic during this busy schedule. Keeping this in the mind, Grazing Meadows has come up with a wide range of 100% pure, handp-picked and time-tested Single Herbal Powders.

All these single herbal powders are approved with trusted Government certifications and thus are safe to consume by every individual.

You just need to order these single herbal powder and directly use it in your personalized home remedy. These packs come in a quantity  of 500 gms and 1 kg.

Some of the examples of our Single Herbal Powder are as follows.

  • Arjuna Powder - it is beneficial for heart care

  • Garcinia powder is designed to support the weight management.

  • Jambu Beej Powder helps in controlling the blood sugar level

  • Mehendi Powder is beneficial for hair care. It can be consumed internally or can be applied to the hair.

Add these herbal supplements to your daily diet to improve the healthy living

“Join the Health Movement, Because Your Health is in Your Hand”